Tower of the Way Cool New Kid
Towers of the Worthy Competitor
Towers of the Worthy Competitor
Tower of the Rudimentary Revival
Tower of the Dead Goddess
Truth Behind the Celestial Engineers
Tower of the Ancient Gift
A Tower of Confusion!
Tower of Power
A Tower of Flavor and Also Man
A Tower of Thought
Let's Get This Ball Rolling

The Ground 0.00"

The World's Tallest Blog

The world's tallest blog you say? What could this be? I do not know. A blog is only as tall as your computer monitor allows it to be. What's that? This blog is taller? I say again; how can this be? I will tell you. Contained in each post is a picture. The picture is 122 pixels by 402 pixels (or approx. 1.5 inches by 4.95 inches.) The pictures will collaborate and connect into a much taller picture. A new post will be added daily (and sometimes more frequently) and the blog will become taller. Maybe the blog will reach the moon. The moon is 15 billion inches away. THAT IS A LOT OF INCHES! One day it will happen.